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27 de Julio 2006

GeoWeb 2006 Report

Stefan Lorimer writes at his blog about his experiences so far this week at GeoWeb 2006 (a conference being held at Vancouver, British Columbia which covers the convergence of web technologies, XML, and GIS). From Google were Michael Jones (CTO of Google Earth) who gave a keynote presentation, Michael Ashbridge gave a presentation on KML, Doug Ricket on Google Maps API, and apparently Bent Hagemark of the GE team also attended. My favorite comment was while Stefan was meeting with some of the Google Earth folks and "...working with the Google Maps API while Mr Jones and Mr Hagemark checked OgleEarth and Google Earth Blog loading the new content into GE".

Stefan goes on to comment on some things he learned about Google Earth developers should look into: the new KML 2.1 has features enabling large datasets to be broken down and streamed more efficiently (like the feature mentioned in the ReefBase story here yesterday); and network links have new features improving their efficiency as well. The GE team encourages developers to read the KML 2.1 documentation for tips. Thanks for the input Stefan!

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