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2 de Junio 2006

Weekend Sightseeing and 3D Models

Balloon Festival 3D models in Google EarthThere have been a number of interesting places to see in Google Earth's satellite photos and 3D models posted recently, which I've been collecting for the weekend. Check through the list below for some fun.

  • Drive-In Theaters - What better thing to do on a weekend than watch a movie at a drive-in? Drive-ins.com has a Google Earth file of the hard to find drive-in theaters. Use GE to find directions, but make sure the theater is still open.
  • School Bus on Roof - The St. Louis City Museum looks like an interesting place. Any museum creative enough to stick a school bus hanging off the roof has got to be interesting.
  • Osaka Dome - Osaka, Japan. This is an excellent 3D model of a complex building. Look at it from the side. Posted by 'barnabu'. make sure you see his photo of the actual building.
  • Arecibo - Puerto Rico, this is the world's largest radio telescope. Also seen in the movie "Contact" and in James Bond movies. It's an awesome sight I've visited myself. Posted by 'GregTSL', he had to make his own custom version of the ground since the telescope is nestled in the mountains.
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - 3D models posted by jpwade. This is a beautiful event to behold. See some photos of the real events.
  • National Theatre Brasilia - An interesting architectural delight in the capital of Brazil. Posted by 'pivnice'.
  • Farmer's Huge Arse - That's right, a UK farmer has put up a huge arse, at least the word, in his field. For lots of other words visible in Google Earth's satellite photos, check out GoogleSightseeing's Large Type category.

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    Hello Frank,

    Here they have published great model of all 12 FIFA World cup 2006 Stadiums!!



    Enviado por: Lucifer666 at 3 de Junio 2006 a las 07:30 AM

    oH! This is a great idea!!! I'm goind to go to London, with this software I can make a plane!!

    Enviado por: JDM at 10 de Abril 2008 a las 08:04 AM

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