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7 de Junio 2006

Watch a GPS Phone Being Delivered via UPS Live!

[The tracking site is being hammered by a Digg right now, so don't be surprised if you can't get in.]

GPS phone in Google EarthThis is just amazingly cool! The guy who does Where's Tim (a web site which lets you track a guy who carries his phone around with him all the time) is delivering a phone to a friend. Tim turned the phone on when he dropped it off at the shipping office a little while ago, so you can watch the phone as it's being delivered right now! View the phone track by going to this Google Maps mashup. Select the "Get History" option to see the track in Google Maps where the phone has been today (it started off on 06/07/2006). You can then choose "View history in Google Earth" to see the track overlayed in the aerial photos of Google Earth.

[Updated: the phone made it to Louisville, Kentucky before the battery apparently died last night.].

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 7 de Junio 2006 a las 05:35 PM

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    Enviado por: Chris at 7 de Junio 2006 a las 09:34 PM

    Thats a cool idea. See if the UPS truck drivers are being lazy :P

    Enviado por: Surferdude at 8 de Junio 2006 a las 08:33 AM

    very neat application of Google maps, this would be nice if you could tag your pc or something and keep it from being lost/stolen.

    Enviado por: Gilbert at 8 de Junio 2006 a las 09:14 AM

    You can do this yourself - very easy - just get a phone at http://www.mologogo.com

    Enviado por: Mack at 8 de Junio 2006 a las 11:20 AM

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