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18 de Junio 2006

Pete Goss in 2006 Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race

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On June 11, Pete Goss, a renowned sailor and adventurer, began the 2006 Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race. He is racing around the islands in a fast two-person catamaran with compulsory two-day stops in four places. They are just beginning leg 3 out of Castlebay. You can check out Pete Goss' blog to read about his current experiences, or better yet, you can check out a very nice network link to follow the race in Google Earth. The network link was developed by Tim Harincar, who also manages Sailblogs.com which itself supports Google Earth. Tim has a new innovation for tracking sailing events in GE: his track of the sailboats is actually a 3D graph which visually indicates the speed of the boat. Each track point is also a placemark which provides information on the speed and position and provides links to blog entries. You can zoom in and check out the position in the satellite photos of GE, and some of the legs actually end in harbors with high resolution (like Castleberry). I really like the new network link. Great work Tim and good luck to Pete Goss and Paul Larsen.

[20-June-2006 08:00: One of the commenters below has developed a network link for following several of the boats in this race and uses Tim's idea for showing speeds on the tracks. He says the data comes from OceanRaceTrack.com who have their own tracker here.]

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    Folow more the action, You can view the other boats in the race with this link: http://itsmart.ltd.uk/rbi.htm

    Enviado por: robert at 20 de Junio 2006 a las 07:52 AM

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