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20 de Junio 2006

New Volcano Layer in Google Earth

A month ago I wrote about an excellent placemark collection on global volcanoes from the Smithsonian Institution. Well, Google thought it was good enough that they have now included this collection as a default layer in Google Earth (this was part of the new layers which were updated on June 11). In your "Layers", open the "Geographic Features" folder and turn on "Volcanoes". You will get red volcano placemarks. When you click on the placemark you get excellent descriptions and photos for each volcano. You can also use the pan/tilt option in Google Earth and look at the satellite/aerial photos on top of the 3D mountain terrain (assuming you have the "Terrain" layer turned on).

My friends at GoogleSightSeeing.com have declared today their second annual Volcano Day. They have several interesting places to look.


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    its very good

    Enviado por: G.R.Satish at 20 de Junio 2006 a las 08:24 AM

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