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11 de Junio 2006

New Layers Layout for Google Earth

Google Geo Developer DayGoogle has begun introducing a new organization for the layers in Google Earth. I noticed the changes on the Windows version of GE, but the Mac version so far is still showing the normal layout for the layers. In the new layout things seem to be much better organized in a hierarchical fashion. For example, there is now a "Gas, Food, Lodging" layer. When you expand the layer folder you can now select Dining by type (Barbeque, Asian, Fast Food, Indian, Italian, Japenese, etc.) and layers for gas and lodging. The Google Earth Community layer is now broken down into many sub-categories which in many ways mirror the forum categories at the GEC. For example, Military, People and Cultures, Nature and Geography, History Illustrated, etc. There are now just a few primary layers, and you can expand the folders to see the full lists This is just another example of new updates which will be a part of the announcement at tomorrow's Google Geo Developer Day. A few days ago Google released a huge database update for the satellite photos in GE.

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    I think that's because they just made a huge update to their software (not imagery), including Linux support, and all version seem to be paired.

    Enviado por: Rafael at 12 de Junio 2006 a las 04:20 PM

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