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8 de Junio 2006

New Improved Panoramio - Geo Photo Sharing

Panoramio photos in Google EarthEarly this year I wrote about Panoramio, which is a cool free photo sharing tool which was designed specifically to allow people uploading photos to tie them to a map (or Google Earth) location (see the story). Since then, Panoramio has grown significantly and has continued to refine its interface. In particular, developers Eduardo Manchón and Joaquín Cuenca wrote me recently to tell me about some very interesting enhancements to their photo upload interface. They didn't just try to improve the interface, but actually invented a better way to upload photos to web sites. The interface seems elegant, simple, and robust. You can read about the implementation in this blog entry. More importantly, you should try opening a free account with Panoramio and upload some photos. After you upload, you can then place where the photo belongs using a Google Maps interface. You can then view them in the Google Maps interface at Panoramio, or download the Panoramio GE network link and browse a world of photos on top of the aerial views in Google Earth. As you zoom into areas, photos for that area will appear as miniature icons. This is a handy way to do some sightseeing and worthy of a place in your My Places folder to turn on and off as you need it.

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    Fantastic update without question. Finally I can see my house (and car!) in Welligton, New Zealand, not to mention my parents place in Mosgiel. Wow - unbelieveable!

    Enviado por: Paul Hellyer at 9 de Junio 2006 a las 05:56 AM

    Thanks for sharing the info! I've already made an account and will soon make bulk additions.

    Enviado por: Waqas Usman at 11 de Junio 2006 a las 01:03 AM

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