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20 de Junio 2006

NASA Lightning Map in Google Earth

Lightning Map in Google EarthA few months ago, NASA released a high resolution map showing the annual flash rate of lightning colorized by frequency for the entire Earth. NASA has several satellites for studying lightning, some of which provide real-time data and images for researchers and for practical use. I know that pilots especially find lightning data useful for spotting areas of developing storm activity where we don't want to fly.

Naturally, as soon as I saw the map, it occurred to me this would look better overlayed onto Google Earth. So, with a little bit of image cropping and overlay tweaking, I produced this annual lighning flash map overlay . Note, most intense levels are black or red. Youc an see a legend by clicking on the placemark "Annual Lightning Flash Map". You can also read NASA's scientific description of the annual flash rate map here with lots of interesting units of measurement.

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