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16 de Junio 2006

King Tut's Tomb Enhanced for Google Earth V4

King Tut's Tomb in Google EarthNow that Google Earth V4 is out with 3D model texture support, I expect many modelers will go back and add textures to enhance their models. A month ago I wrote about GEC member 'atf' having posted King Tut's Tomb with an innovative "floating" presentation by projecting the underground chambers above the spot where the chamber exists. The area where the tomb exists was updated with high resolution satellite photos as part of the recent huge database update by Google. And now, 'atf' has added some textures to the burial chamber so you can see the paintings on the wall of the chamber. If you have installed Google Earth V4, Download King Tut's Tomb and make sure you open the folders in the "Places" pane so you can see the various views he has set up. Double click on each view until you get to the burial chamber where you will see the textures. You can download Google Earth V4 (beta) here.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 16 de Junio 2006 a las 10:51 AM

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    Truly Amazing!
    aft has been a busy person. I am in awe of the high res imagery of the Valley of the Kings. Great find Frank!


    Enviado por: Matt at 16 de Junio 2006 a las 12:27 PM

    I can't see the textures inside the tomb and I'm running Google Earth v4.0.1693(beta). Is there another plugin I need to see these textures? I can see the textures on the city buildings like in Vancouver and San Franciso. Can anyone help?

    Enviado por: Joel at 26 de Julio 2006 a las 07:36 PM

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