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13 de Junio 2006

Google Earth Blog's Presentation KML

Google Geo Developer DayAs promised you can now download the presentation KML I used to present at the Google Geo Developer Day yesterday. Please note that due to time constraints, I was only able to show a small percentage of the over 500 amazing KMLs I've written about in the last 9 months. And, I was not even able to show all of the KMLs listed in this presentation. But, if you saw my presentation, you will at least be able to find the KMLs you may have been interested in. I would also encourage you to do a search on Google Earth Blog to find the write-ups on these KMLs.

By the way, I also want to mention that I had a great time meeting and spending time with Mike Pegg - author of GoogleMapsMania. Mike presented a similar presentation focusing on applications of the Google Maps API and did an excellent job at the event.

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