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6 de Junio 2006

FCC Data Visualization in Google Earth

Northern Pakistan Mountain Region in Google EarthI thought about titling this story "Russians are Mining US Government Data!". But, I resisted. My friend Valery Hronusov in Russia has in fact been mining publiclly available US Government data again. Valery is the author of a GIS visualization tool for Google Earth called KMLer. He has been producing a vast range of very interesting visualizations for months. Now, he has found some excellent data at the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) wireless site. Shown here is the American communications objects density in a 3D graph. If you open the placemarks folder you can see there is a huge amount of data contained within the graph as "slides". In his post thread , Valery posts several other visualizations include cellular tower density , TV digital towers by state , and many more.

Related - other data Valery has mined:

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    This is amazing. As a radio man I had never envisioned this. Some jobs require geeks of a higher caliber.

    Enviado por: Josefritz at 8 de Junio 2006 a las 01:42 PM

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