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7 de Junio 2006

Cape Town 3D Buildings in Color in Google Earth

Cape Town 3D Buildings in Google EarthLast week I was contacted by the folks at Computamaps who have created a very nice collection of over 1000 buildings for the Cape Town area modeled in 3D. According to Steven True at Computamaps, the buildings are horizontally and vertically accurate to 1 meter. It works best with the "Terrain" layer turned on. They used SketchUp and SilverEye to make the building collection. SilverEye is the software by GeoTango (acquired by Microsoft last December) which lets you create 3D images from aerial photography. I especially like the fact they have chosen to make their building collection colorful (unlike the default built-in 3D buildings Google provides for big cities in the US). You can also read their post at the GEC. This collection will be even more popular in a few years when Cape Town hosts the 2010 World Cup.

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    Looks great Frank,
    It must be updated quickly with all these developments in Cape Town at present...

    Nice work, thanks for the info

    Enviado por: Marc at 9 de Octubre 2006 a las 06:20 PM

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