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1 de Mayo 2006

Win a Mazda CX-7 in a Sweepstakes Contest in Google Earth

Mazda has just started a contest in which you can win (US Citizens only) a Mazda CX-7 SUV by playing a simple game in Google Earth. They call it the Mazda CX-7 EarthSearch Sweepstakes. This is a little better than the Fiat contest back during the winter Olympics. In the Mazda contest you are given clues, you then have to zoom in close to look at the satellite photos of the target region at an altitude of 5000 feet or less. Then you should be able to find the hidden location.

After the first clue you are prompted to give your name and address before you can go further with the contest. Also, they only give one more location at this point and will give more locations after May 9th. This is to keep you hooked to playing the game. Whether they got the idea from Fiat or not, it's yet another example of a company using Google Earth's popularity as an advertising tool.


[EDIT: by the way, I'm carefully moderating the comments to only include hints - no direct answers to clues. Also, to keep the length of the comments down, I have begun excluding most comments which just say "thanks", or don't add value to the game or the story.]

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 1 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:31 PM

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    US Residents only :(

    Enviado por: Soren at 2 de Mayo 2006 a las 12:59 AM

    I got the first one of course, but when I click on the "Clue 2" text I get stuck in an endless loop of asking me for my e-mail and password. I don't see any new clues.

    Anybody else?

    Enviado por: Ick of the East at 2 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:23 AM

    Because I'm not a US resident, I gave my brother's name and address. If I win, he can sell the car and send me the cash. Or better yet, buy two motorcycles so that I can ride when I visit.

    BTW. Nice looking car and all, but how is it an SUV? And you would think with the price of gas and all, that they would downplay that name.

    Enviado por: Ick of the East at 2 de Mayo 2006 a las 09:25 AM

    Whaa.. Couldn't get the first clue itself...
    Searched all over the San Francisco Bay Bridge.. Still no luck :( . Am i totally wrong? or am I searching at the right place?

    Enviado por: tomato at 3 de Mayo 2006 a las 05:38 AM

    Oh.. Never mind. Found out the first clue :)
    I was very near yet so far :)
    Moving on to the second one atm..

    Enviado por: tomato at 3 de Mayo 2006 a las 05:47 AM

    I have the same problem with clue 2. Anyone have a solution, not have the problem, or can just tell me what clue 2 says?

    Enviado por: Randy at 3 de Mayo 2006 a las 07:39 PM

    I just clicked continue playing after i signed up. I had to click START Clue 2 in the temporary places pane on the side though.The first clue was way easy. The 2nd i had to watch for it. But still, cool. Not too difficult. It walks you thru a loungy jazz bar. I guess they are supposed to get harder. 5 more to go...

    Enviado por: JWW at 3 de Mayo 2006 a las 11:39 PM

    Clue 2 is still not working for me. The same run-around of loging in again and again.

    Enviado por: Ick of the East at 4 de Mayo 2006 a las 09:40 AM

    Clue 2 also sends me in the endless loop.

    Enviado por: Kristen at 4 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:40 PM

    Ok, I completed level 3. I have no idea where to find clue 4. Someone please help out.

    Enviado por: Eric at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:01 AM

    Okay, where is this? "Ever since War and Peace took place, angelic voices are heard."

    Enviado por: gerald at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 12:02 PM

    Working on level 4. Anyone make out what the video clue is showing. I can't make it out. Looks like some sort of amoeba.

    Enviado por: Everett at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 01:00 PM

    Here's a couple of new hints from me:

    For number 3: Do a search in Wikipedia.org for "humiliores". What city were they in?

    For number 4: Where are the most singing voices heard in Australia?

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:07 PM

    Ok, I completed level 4 but does anyone know how the clue and hint are at all related to the level 4 location?

    Enviado por: Eric at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 04:08 PM

    It's an upside down alligator.

    Enviado por: Jon at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 04:15 PM

    Frank, got #4 based on your clue. Still don't understand the video and clue. Thanks.

    Enviado por: gerald at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 04:17 PM

    Your clue to Number 4 worked for me. After finding it, I looked it up and found a vague reference to War and Peace. How you knew that is beyond me but thanx a bunch.

    Enviado por: Everett at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 04:17 PM

    I knew it was an upside down alligator!!

    Enviado por: Eric at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 04:36 PM

    Hey tomato, it's right before the golden gate bridge.

    Enviado por: Connor93 at 10 de Mayo 2006 a las 08:21 PM

    HAHA! C'mon it's a Croc! Crykee......And I found War and Peace was the 1st prod. there. Sneaky reference. I thought it was World War something.

    Enviado por: JWW at 11 de Mayo 2006 a las 11:19 AM

    thanks for the #4 hint, frank. i knew it was a crocodile, but the War and Peace bit threw me off.

    Enviado por: queeni1129 at 12 de Mayo 2006 a las 12:08 PM

    I still don't get it. "War and Peace" was a fictional novel written by Tolstoy, set in St Petersburg, Russia during the 'War of 1812'. What, if anything, does that have to do with Australia?? Is there some sort of connection between Sydney's "Botany Bay" days of the 1800's when Australia was used as a British Penal Colony? Or is this somehow related to the movie by the same name filmed in the mid 1950's?

    Enviado por: Stang at 12 de Mayo 2006 a las 07:10 PM

    I agree...very vague reference. I guess that's where the first opera of War and Peace was performed? I was searching in every church and performing arts center in Moscow. Thank god for the internet and forums.

    Enviado por: iheartmycubicle at 14 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:09 AM

    Frank, thanks for your clue ..... I was about to chew my mousepad in frustration!!!!

    Enviado por: energee at 14 de Mayo 2006 a las 11:36 PM

    We were going crazy trying to figure the clue out and had a Russian history major working on it to no avail. We second the thanks to Frank for getting us on the right track.

    Enviado por: azange at 15 de Mayo 2006 a las 12:46 AM

    I think that the clues will get more and more obscure. I NEVER would have guessed XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! I was looking near EVERY church in Moscow. St Petersburg has no detail it seems.
    I had no problems with hints 1-3. This is a fun game they are playing.

    Enviado por: Walter at 16 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:03 PM

    Has anyone started in on clue #5??

    Enviado por: Lori at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 07:52 AM

    Yes, I got it. I suggest you do a screencapture at the right moment during the video hint.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 08:14 AM

    Thanks anyway..........I figured it out. Didn't need the screen capture, just watched several times and did a google!!

    Enviado por: Lori at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 08:54 AM

    yes, #5 is quite trivial actually, I gues #4 was the strangest one.

    Enviado por: OBender at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 10:57 AM

    I see where you need to freeze the screen and I did but I can't read it what does the picture thing in the puddle say??

    Enviado por: Jeremy at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 12:43 PM

    Patton and Monty raced to get their first.

    Enviado por: Dafe at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 01:41 PM

    The screen capture would do it, or just play it over and over and over ..

    Enviado por: Matthew at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 04:12 PM

    The fifth one is pretty easy. I didn't do the screen capture like he suggested just watched the silly video about a dozen times!!!

    Enviado por: Lori at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 06:29 PM

    Funny thing... the congratulatory X for hint 5 is placed over a clearly visible red car which is most definately not a Mazda CX-7.

    Enviado por: Stang at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 08:44 PM

    I was looking at St. Petersburg, FL in Gator's alley. Far away.

    Enviado por: Walter Davis at 17 de Mayo 2006 a las 09:15 PM

    Thanks a lot Frank for the #4 clue, that was driving me nuts! The stage version of War and Peace was the first play performed at the theatre when it opened in the 70's. Pretty obscure.

    Enviado por: Wayne at 19 de Mayo 2006 a las 08:22 AM

    Does Flash 8 run inside Google Earth inside Firefox? I haven't seen a video clue yet!

    Enviado por: Jeff at 22 de Mayo 2006 a las 11:08 PM

    Very cool. Yes that puddle clue happens so fast. The bee rules!! I'm having fun with this. Cool looking car too I guess. I'll wait for the Speed3 tho. Did anybody think the rock show was harder? I did.

    Enviado por: nemo at 23 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:13 AM

    OK so clue #5 was easy for everybody here but me! Aaaargh! Can anybody give me a good clue, I've googled myself silly and I'm not finding anything. I'm in Italy now - how far off base am I? Help, please!

    Enviado por: Lisa at 23 de Mayo 2006 a las 11:04 AM

    im on clue #6 and i still cant find it.... cuz what i see is like a red ball... and i cant get the hint... need help here thanks!

    Enviado por: Paul at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:00 AM

    Anyone have any luck with clue #6?

    Enviado por: mark at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 06:57 AM

    On #5 Lisa.......watched the puddle with the thought in mind that it's some place in France.

    Enviado por: Lori at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 08:03 AM

    Anyone hinting at #6??

    Enviado por: Lori at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 08:04 AM

    bees napolean's symbol
    monty and patton never raced to get there it was in only one of their areas so ignore that but General Jacques Leclerc ... you have to work a wee bit

    Enviado por: IRISH at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 09:06 AM

    clue #6... i think the red ball in the visor is a tomato and since the guy is a snow boarder i think it is a reference to gold medalist shaun white from the US, aka "the flying tomato."

    Enviado por: Dave at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 09:44 AM

    #6 The clip doesnt do you any good. The real clue is in the hint... Airships mooring

    Enviado por: Jim at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 09:45 AM

    This is pretty fun, but I find it somewhat irritating that the video itself has absolutely nothing to do with the clue. (Unless I'm missing something.) For example, I started looking for ski resorts for clue #6, but the answer has NOTHING to do with skiing at all. (For those who wanted a hint for #6, the red blob is a big apple.)

    Enviado por: Randbot at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 09:59 AM

    Yes, I think the airship mooring hint is especially helpful. Especially if you think about the tallest mooring.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 10:03 AM

    Tallest mooring is a VERY helpful. Yes, Big apple. The moving object in the visor is a Tennis court ( U.S open). All point to.....

    Enviado por: kevin at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 10:22 AM

    Thanks for the clues, I finally got #6. If anyone figures out how the location is related to mountains, snow, and skiing, please let me know!

    Enviado por: CatPiper at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 11:03 AM

    Wow, I thought the video was a red rock. I was searching in Colorado.

    Thanks for the apple catch.

    Enviado por: yogus at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 12:38 PM

    Clue #5 Many Thanks to Lori and IRISH! Man alive, that was $#@%% tough!!

    Enviado por: Lisa at 24 de Mayo 2006 a las 01:15 PM

    This isn't really accurate...according to Wikipedia, no airships were ever really moored at that location. Photos were altered to create those images. Also, the video clip was useless--looks like a big rock formation--Ayers Rock, Gibraltar, etc.

    Regardless, this is a great game idea.

    Enviado por: Nick at 25 de Mayo 2006 a las 11:47 AM

    Wow - thanks for all the hints on here. I was completely stuck on the upside down crocodile (or alligator or whatever...)! War & Peace had me in Russia for the longest time but was completely stuck with trying to figure out the reptilian connection. 8oP

    As for the apple in the goggles, I got that, but being from the Pacific NW I was going to look here in Washington! lol Once I figured out the BIG apple, I just typed in where I thought it was and Google Earth took me right there. Very cool!!

    Good luck on the next clues, everyone!

    Enviado por: Karen at 29 de Mayo 2006 a las 04:35 AM

    Well, got all 6. Have to wait until later this week for the 7th clue. Drat!

    Enviado por: 85Tiger at 30 de Mayo 2006 a las 12:34 AM

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the helpers, not only for the great clues, but also for not just outright giving out answers. It really is great to get help but still feel like you're figuring it out yourself.

    Enviado por: Bixie23 at 31 de Mayo 2006 a las 10:14 AM

    Taking a screen shot was money for me. It is frustrating how the vids don't really tie into the clue. When you see someone skiing...doesn't EVERYONE think of the 6th location? lol

    Pumped for number 7! What a cool game idea

    Enviado por: Deuce22psu at 31 de Mayo 2006 a las 01:58 PM

    Soo...it's 5:09 on June 1st...where's the 7th question?!? It's driving me nuts!!

    Enviado por: s_robbins at 1 de Junio 2006 a las 05:10 PM

    how do you get out of the loop on clue 2??????!!!!!

    Enviado por: t-man at 1 de Junio 2006 a las 06:32 PM

    Its 10:24 PM and still no 7th clue whats up with that?

    Enviado por: Atlantabraves292 at 1 de Junio 2006 a las 10:25 PM

    Finally, #7 is posted and it has nothing to do with Jackson Hole . . . any ideas?

    Enviado por: Jason at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 01:26 AM

    #7...think baseball

    Enviado por: jeff at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 01:33 AM

    clue is finally out. has a bear in it. im thinking yellowstone or something, but no luck so far. the hint: "Some of the flies there find their holes and others get snared in rawhide traps."

    kind of confusing

    Enviado por: Cody at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 01:43 AM

    Does anyone understand clue 7

    Enviado por: pete at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 01:47 AM

    Clue #7 is pretty tricky.

    Enviado por: livinx at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 01:59 AM

    Whats up with the bears?
    I cant figure out 7!!!

    Enviado por: wolverine926 at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 03:02 AM

    got all 7 done. the game was really fun! hope to see more of them in the future. clue 7 was not too hard, i say that clue 4 was more dificult. i mean, it didn't look like an aligator. and war and peace, come on!

    Enviado por: skycamefalling at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 04:09 AM

    I literally had to stumble upon it. Look at the "sculpture" in the hallway and "da bears" in the reflection. SNL comes to mind. Good luck!

    Enviado por: Frazier at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 05:14 AM

    Here is a hint that helped me out alot, think of " the windy city"

    Enviado por: Chris at 2 de Junio 2006 a las 10:28 AM

    despite trying and trying 4 and 7 would have stumped me entirely without this site, thanks for the additional clues

    Enviado por: Sue at 3 de Junio 2006 a las 01:20 AM

    On 6 I was getting way too tricky, thinking the apple was the forbidden fruit and going to Beijing's Forbidden City. All the locations are places that are listed in Google Earth's Places links so that seems to be a good starting point.

    Enviado por: Shane at 7 de Junio 2006 a las 05:18 PM

    I thought the grand prize winner was going to be selected on July 6th. It is now the 11th and still no word. Has anybody found anything out?

    Enviado por: Greg at 11 de Julio 2006 a las 11:22 AM

    Clever advertising scheme. But just as excting as the Fiat contest.

    Enviado por: Stacey at 5 de Agosto 2006 a las 02:02 AM

    Did anybody win in this contest?

    Enviado por: Mel at 10 de Agosto 2006 a las 03:28 PM

    The FIAT contest was a joke. Pick your dot? Not nearly as cool as this. I had a good time & thought it was a clever use of GE. Advertising or not. :)

    Enviado por: jack at 15 de Agosto 2006 a las 08:17 PM

    So who won the Mazda CX7?? its been almost 3 months later... I havent seen or heard of any winners.. was this all real or fake?

    Enviado por: skoshi at 30 de Octubre 2006 a las 01:28 AM

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