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18 de Mayo 2006

Who is Vanessa? - Google Earth Sleuthing

Another one of those mystery views from a satellite photo in Google Earth. Someone at the Google Earth Community noticed a womans name and "phone number" written in 12-meter tall letters on the ground near Belo Horizonte, Brazil. You can view the location here. So, the poster asked why someone would do this? Somone speculated maybe a real estate developer (based on the nearby development). Then, about 2 months later someone called 'jfjunior' posted he had done some Google searching and discovered "Vanessa 45444" was an MPP candidate, or in Portuguese a "Candidato a Deputada Estadual". Apparently the photo is from 2002, because 45444 was the number she used during that election. It amazes me how the Internet enables you to find out about almost anything odd you may see if enough people look into it. There's now almost 500,000 registered members at the GEC forums. And for every registered user there is usually 15-20 people not registered viewing the forums.


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    Here's even more useless information about Vanessa:

    According to this page:

    And then on this page:
    we find that Vanessa de Oliveira Dias is also known as VANESSA LUCAS (the name in the field in Google Earth).

    And then a quick search will lead you to Vanessa Lucas' official government page here:

    And on that page, you can even see a photo of Vanessa (kinda cute!):

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