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28 de Mayo 2006

Unicycling for College Money - Track Max in Google Earth

Unicycle Max in Google EarthThis is a rather unique idea for raising money for college: Ride a unicycle through 6 states in the northeast and collect money by amusing people along the way and through a clever web site. So, that's what Max DeMilner is doing. And what better way to visualize and track Unicycle Max than through a Google Earth network link ? Max has a GPS and his brother periodically receives the GPS track and uploads it to the server so you can see his track.

I was contacted by Max's brother Kyle who is managing the web site. Kyle asked for some help with setting up the Google Earth file and I simply recommended the use of the network link. This is a really unique and fun idea. You can turn on the roads layer in Google Earth and zoom in and look at the aerial photography to see the places he went. I recommend you visit the nicely designed web site, look at some of the fun pictures and videos, read about how he got stuck for a week due to raining and flooding, and check out where he is today (or just see the route he took). And, how about dropping Max $5 or more for his entertainment and college education?

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