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6 de Mayo 2006

The Six Wives of Henry VIII - Google Earth Documentary

There is a forum at the Google Earth Community called History Illustrated. Occasionally, a particularly well-done collection of placemarks with detailed information is posted, which really helps illustrate historical events. In late March, an excellent collection of placemarks and overlays providing details on the lives of the Six Wives of King Henry VIII was posted by 'LuciaM'. Henry VIII's notorious treatment of his wives is well known, but few people probably know the full background on their lives. LuciaM provides a chronilogical history to each wife showing the locations of birth and other events in their lives in Google Earth and providing overlays to pictures of castles where high resolution aerial photos are not yet in GE. In addition, photos of paintings and pictures of wax likenesses are shown. Links are provided for further information. LuciaM's original post contains all the photos within the GE file. I have created a version where the pictures are downloaded as needed - which is a faster load. Download Six Wives - Original version (2.8 Mbytes), or Faster version (78 K). By the way, it's best if you open the folders for each wife in the "Places" pane after you load the model and read each placemark in chronological sequence.

The Six Wives is a very fascinating read and greatly enhanced by showing the locations in Google Earth. The last example of historical documentary I saw done this well was the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's adventure in the Antarctic. Great work LuciaM for an excellent collection! Make sure to read her post and let her know how you like it.

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    Neat. History and geography in one always grabs my attention.

    Enviado por: Catholicgauze at 6 de Mayo 2006 a las 11:58 AM

    Hi, Frank!
    Just found out about your blog. I'm passing by to say hello from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil!

    Enviado por: Adriana at 8 de Mayo 2006 a las 07:18 AM

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