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10 de Mayo 2006

Multicup 60 - Live Sailboat Race in Google Earth

There's a fierce multihull sailboat race going on right now called the MultiCup 60 (the boats are 60 feet long). They are racing from London around Portugal, Spain and into the Mediterranean Sea until they arrive near Nice, France. They are already about 1.5 days into the race. Here is the official web site (also available in French), and here is the map they provide for showing the current positions.

Of course, I prefer the Google Earth file they have provided for showing the boat positions . That way you can zoom in and see the positions from any angle and view the more realistic satellite photos in Google Earth. Plus, you can add things like current global clouds to see what the weather is like. The placemarks provide more detail on each boat (in French) and a picture of the boat.

I have created a network link which will update their data once per hour automatically (assuming they have new data). Speaking of ads, this race is heavily sponsored by Ambassador Coffee, and you get a big one in the GE file. Thanks to Didier for contacting me about this.

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    There's something ironic about the fact that there's so many yacht races available in Google Earth, when in fact the sea is hardly the best rendered thing in GE!

    Partly it's because of the nature of yacht races, which take place far from shore and over multiple days. There's practically nothing else like it in a supporter's sense. However, I will be interested in whether the Dakar motor race decides to plot the vehicles positions in GE!

    Enviado por: Kerry Dye at 11 de Mayo 2006 a las 07:16 AM

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