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11 de Mayo 2006

Feature Request: 3D Video in Google Earth

I would really like to see the following features implemented for Google Earth. Last week, one of the blogs I regularly check on - Digitally Distributed Environments (DDE) - posted about an amazing feature in a really excellent new 3D panorama tool called DevalVR. DevalVR is available as a plug-in for your browser and is much better than QuicktimeVR in my opinion (download DevalVR plugin here). What is really neat is that you can stream movies into a 3D location within a panorama view in your browser!

To test the video capability, Andy at DDE created a huge screen between these two towers and inserted a video he had created. First download the DevalVR plugin, then download the panorama with 3D streaming video. After you pan around to view the screen, you simply click with your mouse on the video controls and you can watch a movie on a 3D projected screen (and listen) while panning around. Like Andy, this amazing tool just made me smile. I had seen 3D video years ago on a Silicon Graphics workstation when I worked at NASA. But, now here it was in a plug-in within my browser!

This is the kind of 3D content smarts I would like to see added to Google Earth. Not only texture map 3D models, but allow video plug-ins and VR panorama plug-ins on 3D surfaces! Recently Vlogmap.org (which I wrote about last August) released a new network link showing georeferenced videos which they call "geovlogs ". You can also still download their network link showing the georeferenced locations of video blogs . Imagine if they could instead put placemarks where their videos were made and you could view the movies on 3D "mouse-in" (instead of drive-in) movie screens? And, imagine if you could view the panoramas of World Wide Panoramas from within the 3D content of Google Earth itself?

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 11 de Mayo 2006 a las 07:30 AM

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    Whenever I see the word, "3D", I'm thinking 'stereo' 3D. With real depth.
    But then I read further and I'm always disappointed because no depth is involved.

    Man, I wish GE would get some depth! :-)

    Enviado por: Ick of the East at 11 de Mayo 2006 a las 10:33 AM

    Man the first poster is right - I was going to send this article to a friend who does *real* stereoscopic 3D panoramic stuff (http://humaneyes.com) when I read your comment and saved myself the embarrasment.

    Enviado por: Ozzy at 11 de Mayo 2006 a las 10:29 PM

    When I talk about 3d, I mean 3 real dimensions, X, Y and Z. Stereo is what we call 2.5D, 2D with the impression of 3D. You cannot look at the front and back of a wall neither with panorama's nor with stereoscopy.
    On google Earth there are lots of buildings and terrain features like mountains and so on in real 3D geometry. GE is able to show texture projected on terrain, unfortunately not yet on 3D buildings.
    You can build your own GE houses using Sketchup, free simple 3D drawing software

    Enviado por: Maggy Rond at 15 de Mayo 2006 a las 02:23 PM

    I think you have got it backwards.

    GE is in 2.5D. The X and Y of your monitor, with visual clues that hint at depth. Yes, the data contain Z information, but it is not displayed on your monitor with true depth through paralax.

    But true 3D, as we see with our own eyes in the real world, is XYZ stereo. (those of us with two working eyes, that is). If you close one eye, you get the equivalent of GE.

    Enviado por: Ick of the East at 15 de Mayo 2006 a las 09:03 PM

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