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19 de Mayo 2006

Decrease in Avian Flu Spread During Last Month

The database of the Avian Flu outbreak map by Declan Butler (Senior Editor of Nature Magazine) has just been updated. When you first load the network link it shows just the new cases since the last update (which was mid-April). There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of new outbreaks during the last month (compared to the previous update). During the last update there were hundreds of new outbreak locations. In this case there appear to be just a few new cases, although there are actually about a hundred (most are concentrated in Myanmar, Mandalay). Howeer, if you look at the placemarks you will see it still involves tens of thousands of cases - since some of the locations are poultry farms. It's possible the warming spring temperatures have something to do with the decrease in growth rate of the flu. It's spread is likely to return as the temperatures reduce in the southern hemisphere. Turn on the full data, by clicking on the "H5N1 map" folder, to see the full extent of the avian flu outbreaks since it began.

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