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12 de Mayo 2006

3D Prints from Google Earth

The guys from Eyebeam Research have been doing more cool things with OpenGLExtractor (OGLE). OGLE lets you extract 3D models from any OpenGL application. and you can convert the models and put them in Google Earth (see earlier writeup). They have printed off some of the 3D buildings from Google Earth on a Dimensions 3D printer. Here you see some 3D buildings in New York City, and the resulting "print". The Eyebeam guys say in their blog they had to do a bit of manipulation to add floors to the bottoms of the models before they would print. Of course, OgleEarth mentioned this today. The 3D print made it in Make as well. Read this to learn how to see 3D buildings on top of the satellite photos in Google Earth.

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