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11 de Abril 2006

Woman in the Andes in Google Earth

Nestled in the red clays of the Andes Mountains, near a canyon river, is the face of a woman as viewed from space. 'jpwade' at the Google Earth Community, who has appeared at the GEB multiple times for his 3D Models, created this nice Google Earth file to help illustrate this amazing sight. Make sure you turn on/off his translucent image overlay which is used to help visualize the face. If you have grown bored with the man in the moon, or my favorite the lady in the moon, then you should check out Google Earth. There are many visual anomalies like the Apple Ipod, face of jesus, and of course the flying car.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 11 de Abril 2006 a las 08:40 AM

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    Very Cool! That location, with the 4 valley confluence, is physiographically amazing. Great KMZ.

    Enviado por: Matt at 11 de Abril 2006 a las 11:25 AM

    very fun

    Enviado por: saman at 12 de Abril 2006 a las 05:14 PM

    Hello Frank,

    The Andes Woman was quite a surprise, the mountains from high up for sort of a 4 pointed star, this is what caught my eye.

    Joey P. Wade

    Enviado por: JP Wade at 13 de Abril 2006 a las 11:52 PM

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