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6 de Abril 2006

USGS Releases Awesome 1906 Earthquake Documentary Using Google Earth

The USGS has developed a truly definitive documentary web site which uses Google Earth as the primary visualization tool in honor of the 100th anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake which devastated the San Francisco Area. The web site walks you through several segments describing various elements of the 1906 Quake and also the hazards and current conditions of the San Andreas and Hayward Faults today. Each segment includes a Google Earth KMZ file which includes a layer of visual information illustrating that segment. The USGS goal is to not only illustrate the most damaging earthquake in US History, but also to visualize and understand the causes and effects of this and future earthquakes.

Included in the visual elements are many Google Earth files, which I recommend you view along with the web site starting here. Here are sample of some of the more interesting ones: location and extent of the faults and the 1906 quake, historic photos of the 1906 quake, 3D model graphs showing the rupture length and slip , a shaking intensity map overlay, and illustrations showing the hazards of the bay area today and susceptability to conditions which might cause serious damage to structures. Also check out the real-time earthquakes network link.

This product was produced by the USGS Northern California Earthquake Hazards Program, Luke Blair, a geologist and Director of the USGS Geographic Information Laboratory, presented the new documentary at a press conference (inlcudes link to video of presentation) today.

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