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26 de Abril 2006

TheCity Local - Google Earth Dating Service

It was only a matter of time, but here is the first one: A dating service using Google Earth to find the perfect date nearest you. TheCity Local made an announcement yesterday at the Google Earth Community. The site was originally in French, but they now have an English version. When you go to their site, you will see they prominently display the method for using Google Earth to view their dating selections. Most (all?) of the initial date prospects use French for their details, and are located in France. But, it might still be interesting to explore the people and their pictures and interests if you are in the market for dating. You can download the network link here . They are encouraging English-speaking candidates to submit.

Once you register, you can submit your own entry and even apparently send messages or chat with prospective dates. They recommend you only give a rough location (you probably don't want to show the house or apartment where you live, or the place you work). They say the service is free, so no subscriptions required.

It can only be a matter of time before other dating services implement a Google Earth interface for showing approximate locations for prospective dates. It would be a smart move in my opinion and not too difficult to implement technically.

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    I think it's a great thing to integrate as many web sources as possible in dating but still I don't understand why to use Gmap for finding the nearest date. It's not the easiest way to go.

    Enviado por: Gloria at 2 de Agosto 2006 a las 08:32 AM

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