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26 de Abril 2006

The Great European Google Maps Updates

Over the last few days Google has quietly (no announcements from Google yet 26-Apr: Announcement from Google) deployed a wide range of important upgrades to their Google Maps databases supporting many parts of Europe. Included in the updates have been many additions and enhancements to satellite photos, driving directions for European locations, and road maps to many European countries. Much of this data was added first in the Google Earth databases during the last month or so.

In addition, Google has just released localized versions of Google Maps (as was already done for the UK) for several countries (via OgleEarth) . Here they are:

Although many articles have come out reviewing the various mapping tools such as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Windows Live Local. The writers rarely compare the maps from a global perspective (almost always US-centric). Google's databases are much more complete from a global perspective especially with regards to satellite photos, and now road maps and directions. And of course, Google Earth's data layers add enormous information on things like airport locations, borders, rivers, 3D buildings, and on and on.

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