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9 de Abril 2006

Experimenting with New York Skyline in Google Earth

New York Skyline in Google EarthStefan Geens over at OgleEarth spent some of his time this weekend experimenting with 3D models and the skyline of New York in Google Earth. First he downloaded some 3D models of the old World Trade Center buildings. He recreated the scene, from his apartment building, where he witnessed the burning of the World Trade Center on 9/11. With the GE "Buildings" layer turned on, it's amazing how accurately the Google Earth view matches the photo he took.

Then Stefan included some other models he got from the Google Earth Community. He downloaded the new proposed Freedom Tower and the Burj Dubai (under construction now, and will be 700 meters tall and clearly the tallest building in the world). For comparison, he placed the Burj Dubai next to the proposed Freedom Tower (from the new WTC design) so you can see how they would look in the New York Skyline. You can download all these 3D models here (580K). I recommend you read Stefans remarks and comparisons, as well as the credits for where he got the models, in his OgleEarth blog entry.

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