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28 de Abril 2006

Mission Impossible III Promotion with Google Earth

Another movie promotion uses a combination of an interactive Flash application and a Google Earth file to play a "game" in order to enter a contest. The doyourmissionimpossible.com site says you can win a Triumph Scrambler motorcycle and a jacket worn by Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). In this case, Google Earth is just used to provide a rather obvious clue to a trivia question from the movie. They have re-branded the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai (don't worry, they painted just the 3D model, not the real tower) which you can see here . I like this model because you can see the shadow of the tower in Google Earth. It's fun to take popular landmarks and paint them with your own grafitti without hurting any physical property. Maybe we should let gangs turn in their spray paint and give them free copies of SketchUp?

This is yet another of the growing list of companies using Google Earth as part of advertising promotions. See the list below for other examples.


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