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15 de Abril 2006

Marriage Proposals to the Sky

Eye in the sky advertising isn't just the domain for corporations. On some roofs in New York City are a couple of marriage proposals painted on roofs which are visible in the aerial photography in Google Earth/Maps. Apparently some people want to proclaim their love to the heavens. The photos are probably two or more years old (taken long before Google Earth was released). But, nearby sky scrapers probably increased the chance they were seen by their intended spouses. Also found was a proposal in a field - this one probably required a plane to be seen. Here is a collection of placemarks showing three proposals to the sky.

One says: "Melissa Will you Marry Me?" (posted by PhilVerney at the GEC - Google Earth Community) and the next just says "Will U Marry Me?" (which was posted at Digg by 'speel' - see it in Google Maps as well). The third one is actually in a field north of Albany, New York and says "Marry Me D" (posted by 'Racer_S' at the GEC - Google Earth Community).

If you know of, or find, other locations in Google Earth showing proposals in the sky, leave me a comment and I'll add it to this collection of placemarks.

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    Here's another marriage proposal in Australia.

    Enviado por: bjaber at 18 de Agosto 2006 a las 06:40 PM

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