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21 de Abril 2006

GPS-Tour.info - A Resource of GPS Tracks for Google Earth

GPS-Tour.info is a long-established website based in Germany (with both German and English versions) which provides a resource for those wanting to upload GPS tracks of their various outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, horse back riding, skiing, etc. Back in December, they made their collections of GPS tracks available in Google Earth. The advantage being that you can view tracks in 3D terrain and on top of the high resolution satellite photos of Google Earth. If you are viewing a track at their web site, they have a way to view it in Google Earth. They also have a web page which allows you to choose the categories of countries and activity types to narrow the type of tracks you download all of those tracks for Google Earth. Once they download you see placemarks for each track, and the tracks themselves. All with different colors. The placemarks even include graphs showing elevation changes.

GPS-Tour.info is similar to resources like Garmin's MotionBased, the Paragliding Forum's GE collection for gliding, and my personal favorite: Magnalox (which has a growing list of very powerful, but easy to use, tools for viewing GPS tracks in a variety of different ways). GPS-Tour has quite a collection of tracks (several hundred for their most popular countries Austria and Germany).

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    excellent links - i'll be sure to check those out. Here is another service - http://www.gpsvisualizer.com - that does something similar. You can upload GPX files and product any number of output files, including KMZ and KML for Google Earth.

    Enviado por: joe at 21 de Abril 2006 a las 11:54 AM

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