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30 de Abril 2006

Go Flying - Flight Tracklogs for Google Earth

Those of you who read Google Earth Blog know I have a passion for recreational flying and have posted GPS tracks of flights (see examples here and here). Dave Morrissey wrote me to inform me about his goFLYING web site which allows you to upload your GPS flight logs and display them on either Google Maps or Google Earth. Here are some examples of flight logs, and here is an example of a single flight log for GE.

One thing I like about David's implementation is that the flight logs show colorized-by-altitude fenced tracks in 3D, which is a feature GPSVisualizer can do as well. Also, goFLYING is dedicated to just flying and provides some nice graphs and summary information. You could also add to your flight log by also using magnalox's storytelling capability (see example).

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    there is also fly-arena.com to analyze the flights
    and tracklogs on google earth but free flight reserved.

    Enviado por: laurent at 8 de Julio 2006 a las 04:52 AM

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