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7 de Abril 2006

Discovery Channel Releases Video Links for Google Earth

Yesterday the Discovery Channel announced a collaboration with Google Earth to show links to some of its videos. The initial set of links are for videos about National Parks. The first place I saw the collection was on the Google Earth download page. The Discovery Channel's National Parks collection can be downloaded here . The collection is for parks only in the US. The placemarks descriptions are very well done with nice blue description bubbles, logo, nice photos, and links to information on their web site. Most of the videos are two to four minute clips. Considering the amount of media attention, you would think this was the biggest collection of information ever done for Google Earth. There's actually only 10 links. Hopefully, they will add more links soon, and it will have more of a global focus.

According to OgleEarth, the Wall Street Journal reports that Google Earth will eventually have the Discovery Channel collection as a Layer in GE. Hopefully this won't happen until they get many more links to videos of stories all over the world. I'm glad Google Earth is getting more attention from this, but I'd like to see more from this partnership. The earthquake stuff USGS put out yesterday was much more impressive.

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