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22 de Abril 2006

Bowdoin College Campus - A Google Earth Map

Yesterday a David Israel contacted me by E-mail from Bowdoin College. Bowdoin is a liberal arts college founded in 1794 and located in Brunswick, Maine. David (who works for Bowdoin's Educational Research & Development Group) created an excellent Google Earth "map" - a very thorough collection of placemarks and a high-res aerial photo of the campus. He recently announced the map at the Bowdoin College Web site here. When you first open the Bowdoin GE map , you won't see too many placemarks. By default he only turns on a few key buildings. But, if you open the "Bowdoin College Campus Map" folder you will see there are lots of choices for buildings, offices, libraries, dining areas, web cams, sports facilities, and more. The placemarks usually include a photo, information, and links for more details.

This is an excellent way to provide a map to potential visitors using the features of Google Earth. Other people thinking of doing a Google Earth map should look at this example for ideas.

By the way, it took me a minute to find this, so I thought I would share. There's a sizable airport close to the campus, but it isn't labeled in the civilian airport layer provided by Google Earth. So, I did a quick look at Google Maps and found out the airport is the Brunswick Naval Air Station.

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    very cool map.
    lots of great ideas here.
    i especially like that only a few items are open as the default and that one category of placemarks is at a different height than the others.

    Enviado por: sal at 22 de Abril 2006 a las 05:10 PM

    Downright brilliant!

    Enviado por: Franklin Pierce at 22 de Abril 2006 a las 05:35 PM

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