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13 de Abril 2006

3D Modeling News and Roundup

Holiday weekend, so this is a day earlier than usual. First some 3D modeling news:

First, Rhinoceros is a company specializing in modeling tools for designers in industrial, engineering, CAD, and even jewelry areas. They have announced that Rhino 4.0 now exports 3D models to Google Earth. I'm looking for an example.

Second, a while back I was contacted by Vinny Fiano who has produced an export script to Google Earth for blender which is a quite serious open source 3D modeling program.

And, now to this week's round-up of 3D Models of note posted at the GEC Modeling Forum and one from ZNO:

  • BP's Thunderhorse Oil Rig - Gulf of New Mexico, by Joey Wade. See post at GEC. Interesting model with "water" option to hide submerged portion.
  • Radio/TV Tower - Moscow, Russia. By 'spanishflyer' at the GEC - a nice first time post/model. He chose to model the tower with the night-time colors. Photos of real tower in his post, here's the night time photo.
  • Villa Savoye - Poissy, France. This interesting house posted by 'pivnice' at the GEC.
  • Eames House - Pacific Palisades, California. Another interesting house posted by 'pivnice'.
  • Oriental Pearl Tower - ShangHai, China. This is an interesting looking tower, and modeled well by first-time poster 'embont'. See his post for a photo of the real tower. You can see the shadow in Google Earth.
  • Car Spindle - Berwin, Illinois. This model shows a "sculpture" of cars stacked on top of each other by artist Dustin Shuler. Modeled by 'pivnice' and posted at ZNO. Here's a link to see the real car sculpture.

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