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28 de Marzo 2006

Sking Alta Shown in Google Earth

My family and I are taking a vacation in Utah for Spring Break. Today we went skiing at Alta - which has a well-deserved reputation of awesome powder. There was a 162 inch base, and we experienced 3 or 4 new inches while we were skiing. Naturally, I took a GPS along while skiing, and have generated a 3D track colorized by altitude and overlayed in Google Earth. It turns out Alta has pretty good high resolution data, although it's a summer-time satellite photo, not winter. Check it out!

Used a Garmin 60Cx GPS and GPSVisualizer.com to do the track for Google Earth. Don't be surprised if my articles this week are a little less predictable than normal.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 28 de Marzo 2006 a las 07:48 PM

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    I wish the data in the Austrian Alps - where I went skiing a couple of weeks ago with my Garmin 60C - was as good as at Alta!

    I know what you mean about the summer instead of winter data though. I did map most of the ski lifts (beginning/end and a straight line path) and some placemarks. This increases the "Look, it's really there!" feeling you get, even with the green mountains.

    Also, I have been looking for some decent satellite data of the area from winter, but have not been succesful. Maybe I'll take a screenshot from Google Earth, edit it to take the greens to white and put it back into Google Earth a an overlay, just to get the white view of the ski slopes. ;-)

    Enviado por: Jarno Peschier at 30 de Marzo 2006 a las 07:50 AM

    Part of the reason I got the 60Cx is that the "x" series have a new antenna technology which picks up satellites much better. Even in the trees and on the sides of mountains.

    Enviado por: Frank Taylor at 30 de Marzo 2006 a las 08:51 AM

    I meant the Google Earth data, not the 60C data. No problems whatsoever with reception.

    Enviado por: Jarno Peschier at 30 de Marzo 2006 a las 12:35 PM

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