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18 de Marzo 2006

Football Stadiums Update (4500)

[NOTE: the Football Stadiums collection was deleted by its poster, but I have found you can still download it at Google Earth Hacks.]

Last summer I first wrote about a fan-collected database of information provided in the form of placemarks for Google Earth which showed 1650+ football (aka Soccer) stadiums from around the world. Since then, they have greatly improved not only the quantity (now 4500+), but also the quality of information on football teams and stadiums. Since the FIFA World Cup 2006 will be held this June in Germany, football fans are already getting excited. You can download the collection from Google Earth Hacks, and you can view the thread of discussions at the GEC here.

The information is organized by leagues, by countries, and teams. Placemarks use the flag of the country for their icons, and the placemarks may contain photos of the stadium, logos of the teams/league, and links to information about the stadium and/or teams. For those stadiums located in big cities, you will often find high resolution photos in Google Earth of the stadiums. By the way, when I last reported the file had been downloaded 9000 times, now it's been downloaded over 25,000 times. This is still the largest fan-collected GE information I've seen. There must be a few football fans out there.

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    Great job!
    I started a similar collection myself but now that I found this I think I'm gonna quit.

    Enviado por: Laur at 4 de Septiembre 2006 a las 04:44 PM

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