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9 de Marzo 2006

Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Google Earth

The Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Google EarthI was contacted recently by Matt Nolan who works on a project called EarthSLOT whose mission is "to advance earth science and earth science education through the use of on-line 3D terrain visualization and GIS tools". They recently have published a Google Earth file about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race®, which is an 1100 mile dog sled race through the middle of Alaska. The race just started a few days ago, and the EarthSLOT Iditarod file shows the path of the race along the satellite photos and 3D terrain in Google Earth Also, if you click on the checkpoint placemarks you can find links allowing you to see the progress of the racers.

At this point, they do not have a way of visually following the competitors in Google Earth or an automatically updating network link like the one for following the ongoing Volvo Ocean Race. But, this is the only one for following the Iditarod I've seen.

EarthSLOT also provides their own virtual globe tool for viewing the race, and they say it has more features for following the race because they are more familiar with their own tool. However, their EarthSLOT tool is only available on Windows. You can read more about the tool and download instructions here.

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    I'm recreating this again this year. It's quite a task, and I've been working with Matt Nolan quite a bit. He's been a big help. Anyway, you can refer to the EARTHSlot page for more information on 2007 coverage.

    Enviado por: Erik Gregg at 7 de Marzo 2007 a las 03:24 PM

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