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16 de Marzo 2006

Mini-News Roundup

Trying to catchup with a backlog, here's some mini-writeups of news related to Google Earth:

  • Bentley's Microstation software supports Google Earth - Microstation is used by serious architects and engineers for building construction. Read more at Directions Magazine or OgleEarth
  • Geobloggers is dead - The Geoblogger site had my favorite mashup for Flickr photos, and had a network link to let you view georeferenced photos. The maker of Geoblogger got a job working for Yahoo/Flickr, and now says the project is dead. But, he promises good things will come from it.
  • GPSVisualizer adds new map overlay creator - partially in response to my article here, Adam creates a network link which allows you to overlay a choice of different maps or satellite photos based on your current view. See review at OgleEarth.
  • Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) - while we're on the topic of topomaps, another web site which provides an interface for topo maps including topo maps for Australia, Canada, New Zealand. GBIF also provides a number of other interesting data sources and allows you to annotate your own information.
  • How to discover craters with Google Earth - Slashdot wrote a story about a GE user who after seeing the Kebeira Crater story went looking and found some other craters which were subsequently verified by other geologists. He got lots of subsequent news coverage. Apparently the story I wrote the same day as the big discovery on a new crater near the North Pole didn't get picked up by the media.
  • Arc2Earth was officially announced a couple days ago - Arc2Earth allows ESRI GIS developers to convert data for use in GE. Already reported here two weeks earlier.

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