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22 de Marzo 2006

Google Earth Visual Guides

(click for bigger images)

Noel Jenkins recently contacted me about an addition to his blog Digital Geography which provides excellent visual guides for basic and advanced Google Earth use. You can look at the images provided here, or you can download the DOC files at his site, which will let you print the visual guides out. He thought these guides would be useful for those using Google Earth in the classroom. But, I think anyone will find these useful if they are new to GE or, if they want to learn more about it. This gets added to Google Earth Basics.

Noel also produces the excellent Juicy Geography web site which provides excellent lesson ideas for using Google Earth in the classroom.

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    Enviado por: moogaamr at 23 de Marzo 2006 a las 07:07 AM

    This is a really GREAT site

    Enviado por: Sayali at 24 de Junio 2006 a las 02:52 AM

    Fantastic help..many thanks

    Enviado por: roberto at 10 de Agosto 2006 a las 12:08 PM

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