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21 de Marzo 2006

European Speed Cameras in Google Earth

Those of you living and driving in Europe are probably quite familiar with Speed Cameras (speedcams) used by the police to catch speeders. Lately I've been reading more about databases you can buy for GPS units which have the locations of speedcams, so you can be warned to slow down in advance. It's only natural to find out one of the first things someone did with Google Earth last summer was to start collecting speedcam data for use with Google Earth. The main post was by someone called 'cybarber' from the Netherlands - you can download the collection of European speedcam placemarks here (which was last updated in December). Don't turn on the main folder or you will get the entire collection (a large amount of placemarks). Instead, open the subfolders and choose which country you want to view. The placemarks are categorized by traffic sign (50km, 70km, etc.). You should probably turn on the "Roads" layer to enhance your information. This speedcams collection happens to be one of the most downloaded files at the Google Earth Community - I wonder why?

The speedcams collection is yet another tool to help you do your route planning. Use the GE search to get directions, then use tools like Earthbooker for hotels, World Heritage Site locations, and if you're taking your GPS you'll want to know about Geocaches.

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    Sorry guys, but most of the data are stolen from other websites, like radarfalle.de, radarfixes.com or pocketgpswold.com

    Enviado por: eifrig at 24 de Marzo 2006 a las 03:01 PM

    Do you know where I can find information about speed cameras in USA?

    Enviado por: Alex at 13 de Noviembre 2006 a las 03:28 AM

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