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30 de Marzo 2006

Database Update More Extensive Than Previously Thought

The database update made on 23-March was more extensive than previously thought. Unsure why Google would not tell us about the full extent of the update. It's possible some of the changes were satellite photos which were aligned improperly. In the future, I hope Google will document the extent of database updates more thoroughly. The reason the changes were discovered is due to the extensive list of placemarks for planes in flight. 'Cyclonic' is the GEC member who found these new changes, and who is now maintaining the planes in flight database. In reviewing the data, he documented over 20 locations not previously discovered which were changed. The new list mostly contains small areas of update to areas already in high resolution, and apparently many African capitals. See the complete list of updates here.

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    I noticed that Meridian ID, where my sister lives is now aligned properly. Before it was about a sector off from one side of town to the other. It was nice not to see the interstate ending in a parking lot and beginning from a field.

    Enviado por: LD at 31 de Marzo 2006 a las 03:03 PM

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