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6 de Marzo 2006

Bed and Breakfast Locations in Google Earth

Bed and Breakfast Locations in Google EarthThey call themselves Pillows and Pancakes (an amusing variation on Bed and Breakfast). Their web site's focus is to collect information on Bed and Breakfast lodgings all over the world. PnP has written a network link for showing their database in Google Earth. So, you have a new way to look for alternative lodging while travelling. Once you load the PnP network link, you need to zoom down to the area of interest. The network link will then load the nearest bed and breakfast location to your current view. If you click on a placemark you will get the name of the location, usually a photo, and a link to the more in-depth information at the PnP web site. A nice resource for storing in your Places folder. By the way, when you are done testing it, make sure you turn off the network link.

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    We've updated our Google Earth Layer. The system handles tilt views much better now. In the past when the view was titled, the B&Bs in the foreground would vanish.

    Enviado por: Paul Avery at 7 de Septiembre 2006 a las 11:59 AM

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