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7 de Marzo 2006

Architectural Delights

Architectural Delights in Google Earth

The folks in New Zealand known as Pivnice ltd. have posted three new buildings in the form of 3D models for Google Earth at their blog called ZNO. Each building is well-modeled and is placed in the actual location of the building on top of the satellite photos in Google Earth. The latest models include the following (NOTE: some of these models take up a lot of memory, you might want to turn off each one before loading another):

Check out the ZNO blog for other interesting 3D models. Or, go to Google Earth Blog's 3D models category.

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    wonderful.I am sure this going to influence how lokk at our environs and how we mould these around us.

    Enviado por: jagdish jani at 29 de Marzo 2006 a las 01:09 PM

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