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1 de Marzo 2006

Arc2Earth Released

Arc2Earth for Google EarthA new product specifically targeted for Google Earth and GIS professionals was released today called Arc2Earth. Arc2Earth is an application which allows GIS professionals using ESRI's ArcGIS products to convert their data for viewing within Google Earth. This means serious GIS information can more easily be made available to the many millions of Google Earth users in the world. Unique data and maps can be overlayed onto the 3D terrain and satellite photos of Google Earth to enhance visualizations and presentations. For some months now, Brian Flood (one of the authors of the product) has been blogging about the development of the product and shown us a number of cool screenshots of its capabilities.

Now they have released the...

Now they have released the product with a new web site documenting the product and its features, screenshots, and a link to purchase two versions standard ($99) and professional ($299). This looks like a serious product and I'm sure the GIS folks will be publishing reviews soon. Here's an example KMZ showing a simple vegetation analysis which illustrates how symbology is maintained for polygons and graphics.

Here's an interview with the author by Stefan Geens at OgleEarth about Arc2Earth and Google Earth's ability to handle a variety of data and geospatial formats.

By the way, there is also another product from an outfit in Russia called KMLer which has some of the same types of features for working with ESRI products.

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    thanks Frank

    Here's another link to a TIN Elevation Renderer converted to KML. http://www.spatialdatalogic.com/sdl/public/downloads/YellowStone_TIN_Elevation.kmz

    Enviado por: Brian Flood at 1 de Marzo 2006 a las 04:27 PM

    I would to know if it's possible now to download Google Earth in SUSE Linux 10.0

    Enviado por: Hector Vargas at 26 de Marzo 2006 a las 09:42 AM

    The graphic samples are beautiful, Congratulation. Excuse me for my english

    Enviado por: José Lidio Ramírez Navarro at 2 de Febrero 2007 a las 03:22 PM

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