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26 de Marzo 2006

3D - Panama Canal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and more

The proliferation of human civilization's contribution to the 3D surface of the Earth continues in the virtual world. That's right we are getting more 3D buildings. GE's widespread adoption as a free and easy way to experience geospatial data, combined with 3D modeling and conversion tools supporting GE's formats, means we continue to see more of Google Earth represent reality.

Here's a collection of the new models I liked the most at the Google Earth Community 3D model forum:

  • Panama Canal Control Tower (633 KBytes) - posted by 'jpwade'. This model blends well with the GE 3D terrain. Make sure the "Terrain" layer is turned on, and Elevation Exaggeration is 1.0, when loading this model. He's added two ships, and other buildings.
  • Peregrine Winery - Queenstown, NZ. This winery's building has been getting international attention and recently was named one of five winners of a prestigious architectural award from London. Posted by 'pivnice'.
  • Croix de Provence - Near Aix-en-Provence, France. A cross on a mountain, beautiful view. You may have to raise altitude a bit after loading. Make sure "Terrain" layer is on. Posted by 'Lexoulefou' .
  • Ski Dubai - A huge snow ski resort in the desert has been built in Dubai. Read the post for pictures and details. Posted by 'pivnice'.
  • Leaning tower of Pisa - this link is just to the post by 'pivnice' The models he's posted for the Leaning tower are preliminary and are very large (2.7MB and larger). He has both a leaning and a non-leaning version of the building in very high detail. However, I found they really tax GE unless you have a lot of video and computer memory. Maybe he'll post smaller versions soon.

For many more 3D models, read the stories in the 3D Models category here.

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 26 de Marzo 2006 a las 09:48 AM

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  • Comentarios

    Wow, love the canal one. The things we can do when we put our minds to it.

    Off topic, I've found three pretty darn good impact crater possibilities that aren't in the impact database.

    It would be nice if you had a folder for us to post them in for others to comment on, and to record priority of discovery! :-)

    Enviado por: IckyChris at 27 de Marzo 2006 a las 12:13 AM

    Hello Chris,

    Good to hear you enjoyed the Canal. The canal model is type of a work in progress.

    When time permits you may want to take another look, recently added a couple of ships and started Fort Clayton buildings. my follow up posts in the GE forum include tips and filesize increments from edit to edit.

    JP Wade

    Enviado por: JP Wade at 31 de Marzo 2006 a las 02:05 AM

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