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6 de Febrero 2006

Visualizing Controversial New Buildings in New York in Google Earth

Atlantic Yards in Google EarthA talented illustrator named Jon Keegan, who is a concerned citizen, wrote me over the weekend to tell me he had used Google Earth to create 3D buildings representing a proposed large building project in his community in New York. The proposed site is in Brooklyn, and is called Atlantic Yards. Apparently the developers are trying to entice the community by saying the New Jersey Nets would be located at the site along with a new fancy stadium. But, the size and scope of the development is much larger.

This 3D Atlantic Yards illustration in Google Earth shows how big an impact it would have on the community, just from a size and scope perspective, quite clearly. Turn on the "3D Buildings" layer in GE to see the other buildings nearby. Jon posted the GE file and his comments here at invisbleman.com. The local community has already been opposed to the new project and has even filed a suit against the local governent for already approving destruction of some existing buildings. My understanding from the articles is that the project is not yet approved.

Jon's Google Earth file includes...

Jon's Google Earth file includes links to a PDF document which specifies the location and size of the buildings and other details. He seems to have properly located each building in the correct locations according to the maps and aerial photos of the area. And I checked the heights of the buildings and they look correct. This is obviously a huge project. One of the links indicated the developers would be spending $3.5 Billion.

This is an excellent example of using Google Earth for visualizing a real estate project. It gives everyone an opportunity to see how a project fits in not only to the location on streets, but how it literally might change the landscape.

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