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28 de Febrero 2006

The Missions of Baja California in Google Earth

Missions of Baja California in Google EarthOne of the members of the Google Earth Community has been working on a project to document the missions of Baja California. TommyAfrika, a GEC Oracle (an attribute given because he has posted over 1500 posts), has worked long and hard to achieve accuracy and thoroughness in this collection. You can see the collection here . The author noted he has done his best to place the missions in the correct locations in the satellite photos of GE, but is open to feedback. Note that for each mission placemark there are usually links to more information on web sites, photographs, and each placemark has a different icon depending on whether it is Jesuit, Franciscan, or Dominican. Tommy has tried to get accurate dates for the missions as well. If you look in the Places pane you after clicking on a mission placemark you will often see a map available. If you turn this on an image overlay showing a map of the area around the mission will be shown.

This is a good example of using Google Earth's features to document geospatially oriented historical information in a concise and easy to understand manner. You can see Tommy's post at the GEC here. Great work Tommy!

Enviado por FrankTaylor at 28 de Febrero 2006 a las 08:29 AM

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    Great collection...it crashed my PC...

    Enviado por: Unhappy at 28 de Febrero 2006 a las 01:19 PM

    The location you have in the picture for the Mision of la Paz is a few blocks of it shod be in Revolucion and 5 de Mayo. and there is also a misspeling in La Paz it says (laz Paz)

    Enviado por: Paulino Perez at 9 de Diciembre 2006 a las 12:36 AM

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