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9 de Febrero 2006

"Spy's Eye View" by Atlantic Monthly

Google Earth figures prominently in an article by the well-regarded Atlantic Monthly called "Spy's Eye View". Not only that, but Google Earth Blog appears in the article as well! The article is written by James Falllow who will be writing a regular technology column at the Atlantic Monthly.

This article is well-written and interesting. I had a feeling of deja vu when I read how he had the same feeling using Google Earth as he did when he first used Mosaic in the early 90s. (Read my About section for my own similar remarks). The article includes mini-interviews with John Hanke - head of the Google Earth project at Google and Jack Dangermond - founder and president of the world’s leading GIS company, ESRI. He also gives good representation to the contributions of the large and growing Google Earth community.

I highly recommend reading this article. Via OgleEarth which is also mentioned in the article.

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