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15 de Febrero 2006

Remote Controlled Plane and Guy Controlling in Google Earth

Model Plane and Controller in Google EarthVery cool! You can actually clearly see the shadow of the guy flying this remote controlled aircraft east of London, England in Google Earth. Yet another example of very high resolution aerial photos to be found in GE. The wingspan of the model plane is about 5 feet, so this is a pretty large model plane. The model plane is about 190 meters from the guy controlling it. You can see the two placemarks here . (By the way, the weird shaped "hair-looking" thing east of the guy is probably some lint or hair on the aerial photograph.)

I found out about the model plane and controller at Google Sightseeing which is a web site showing interesting sites in Google Local. Here are links to Google Local views of the model plane and the controller. Notice that you can see them much more clearly in Google Earth than in Google Local. Digg it!

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