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17 de Febrero 2006

Nice Collection of 3D Buildings for Google Earth

3D Christchurch, New Zealand in Google EarthThis morning someone posted at the Google Earth Community (GEC) that he has released a new blog showing a number of very nice 3D models of buildings and other structures all designed for viewing in Google Earth. The new blog is oddly called ZNO, and today contains models of some of the world's tallest buildings (or proposed buildings), the Millau Viaduct in France, and a number of buildings from Christchurch, NZ. Jason Mill is the name of the author of the blog, and I suspect from the focus on Christchurch and the blog URL (znonz.blogspot.com) he is from New Zealand.

Here is a sample of the models to be found (you can visit his blog to see screenshots and links to all the models):

  1. Heritage in Cathedral Square - Christchurch, New Zealand
  2. Milau Viaduct - engineering marvel in France
  3. Christchurch Cathedral - Christchurch's most famous landmark
  4. Christchurch, New Zealand - an aerial image overlay for Christchurch

Great work Jason! In honor of this nice collection of 3D models, I've added a new category at Google Earth Blog for "3D Models".

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    just a fantastic array of pictures

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