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5 de Febrero 2006

Maps of Torino, Italy - Winter Olympics Site - in Google Earth

Torino, Italy Olympics in Google EarthGoogleMapsMania recently discovered that Google quietly added a more detailed road map for the Torino, Italy area for Google Local. What is interesting is that in Google Earth we have already had these more detailed road maps. But, not just for that small area. Google Earth's more detailed road maps cover most of Europe now.

To see the roads, you just turn on the "Roads" layer, wait for them to load, and start zooming in. Another big difference in GE is that the road maps adjust their level of detail according to your zoom level, and you can adjust your view dynamically including your tilt and see the 3D terrain. You can go to Torino, Italy now and see the mountains where the Olympics will be held. Also, in Google Earth you can see the detail of the satellite and aerial photos so much better than in Google Maps.

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