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2 de Febrero 2006

London Fitzroy Square in 3D in Google Earth

Fitzroy Square in 3D in Google EarthAnother really nice Google Earth 3D building for London from Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith at his Digitally Distributed Environments blog. This one is of Fitzroy Square and is a very detailed 3D model of the building (1Mbyte). Andrew has properly scaled the building and if you view the model from the right tilt and postition and compare it to the aerial photograph of its location in GE the 3D effect is more pronounced. Notice the excellent detail in the facade of the building and the streetlights.

According to Andrew:

Fitzroy Square is one London's hidden treasures, designed by Robert Adam it is dedicated to Charles Fitzroy the fourth Duke of Grafton. It was also famously home to Virginia Woolf and George Bernard Shaw.

Here's some other 3D buildings in London from Andrew. Great work!

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    These images that Andrew and the team at CASA have been creating are brilliant

    Enviado por: Dan Karran at 3 de Febrero 2006 a las 11:45 AM

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